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Lyricist : Mansour elwawan

Composer : Mohamed bodla

Arranger : Walid Faied

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Lyrics of song Walek From Ahlam
Arabic font

خل بالك تزل عينك
هنا ولا هنا ويلك
ترى قلبي مو بس يغار
عليه غيره تهد ديار

كل شي فيك انا ليا
روحك قلبك عيونك
تبي تقول انا مجنون
ايوا انا مجنونك!

اغار من الهوى وثوبك
واغار تخيل من اهلك
وانا ظلي وهو ظلي
اغار ان قرب من ظلك

حسك تبتسم حسك
او تتلفت لغيري
انته ملكي لوحدي
بكيفي وهذا تفكيري

English Translation

Make sure your eyes don't slip away
And go here or there, I warn you
My heart not just feel jealous
It has a jealousy that could break down houses

Everything in you is mine
Your soul your heart and eyes
If you want to say that I'm crazy
Yeah... I am crazy about you

I feel jealous from the wind and from your clothes
Imagine I even feel jealous from your family
And even my shadow
I feel jealous if my shadow get close to your shadow

Don't dare to smile
Or look at anybody other than me
Your only mine
This is how I am and this is how I think

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