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Lyricist : Salamah Ali

Composer : Mohamed El Sharbeny

Arranger : Ahmed Shatout

Download Song Be Rahmetak Aweny From Album Collection By Laila Ghufran

Lyrics of song Be Rahmetak Aweny From Laila Ghufran
Arabic Font الله الله الله الله الله الله الله الله الله محتاج لعطفك يا اله الكون الهمنى غفرانك ونجينى جوايا زكرك اه فين ما بكون اسمك معايا سلاح اسمك معايا سلاح اسمك معايا سلاح بيحميني سبحانك انت بقدرتك شات وهدتنى شات وهدتنى ولجاتلك وبرحمتك بتفكلى دايقتى انا لولا فضلك كان هيبقى انا شكلى ايه يارب من غير رحمتك انا اعمل ايه فى بس ايه هتشد ليه غير بس سيرتك ده انا لو قعدت العمر اتامل عظمتك هفضل ابص بعينى على ايه ولا ايه ده كل شئ فى الدنيا دى رهن لاشارتك واهدى سرى وبقدرتك علينى وخد يايدى ومن المحن عدينى English Translation Allah.. Allah.. Allah.. Allah.. Allah.. I need your sympathy, you´re the God of this world Give me your forgiveness and save me You´re on my mind wherever I go Your name is a weapon with me Your name is a weapon with me Your name is a weapon with me it saves me How great you are, by your great strength you guided me to the right way You wanted to guide me to right way I came to you, and you solve my problems by your mercy If I´m without you, how would I be? Oh my God, what would I do without your mercy? What would I be very near to ? only thinking about you If I spent my lifetime thinking about your greatness.. I´d look and think about many endless things Everything in this world proves your being Make me feel safety, and by your great strength make me higher, and take my hand and make me cross all problems

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