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Lyrics of song Byehsedoni (High Quality) From George Wassouf
Arabic Font

بيحسدوني لما بضحك
وبيقولولى اه يا بختك
ناس كتير حواليك تحبك وواقفة جنبك

بيحسدونى من بعيـــــــد
من غير ما حتى يقربوا منى يشوفونى
يشوفوا شايل ايه فى عيونى لما بضحك
انا خدت ايه من الدنيا ديا
صحاب كتير احباب شوية

أمسح دموع تنزل دموع تحرق عينيا
لا عمرى خنت ولو بكلمة
برضى بالقليل وبقول دى نعمة
ولا اكلت لقمة عيش حرام .. يحرم عليا

تعبت ادارى واخبى جرحى
اخاف تخونى فى يوم ملامحى
ويبان عليا الحزن حتى فى عز فرحى
تعبت اشيل الحمل وحدى
اشيل هموم الكون اه لوحدى
وايام تفوت على الحال ده ايه .. وسنين تعدى

English Translation

They envy me when I laugh
And they tell me : how lucky you are
a lot of people around you love you and stand by you

They envy me from distance
Without even get close to me and see me
To see what I´m handling in my eyes when i laugh
What have i took from this life
a lot of friends.. and few beloved ones

I dry my tears another tears falls that burns my eyes
I never betrayed even in a word
I´m content with less and i say its a bless
I never have eaten a bite of forbidden stuff... its forbidden on me

Im sick of bearing and hiding my wound
I´m afraid that one day my features betrays me
And the sadness show on me even when am at the top of happiness
I´m tired of carrying all the things alone
To handle all the universe worries alone
And days passed whilst I´m at this status.. and years pass

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