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Download Song Ser El Hayah From Album Men Awel Lamsa By Mohamed Mounir

Lyrics of song Ser El Hayah From Mohamed Mounir
English Translation Do you know, my lover, whats the secret of life.. Its the pulse of life.. Its you and me.. The sea is just thirsty waves.. for dances and songs.. Hes been missing from a long time to talk and to listen to us.. Not everything we miss during our life is painful Lifes heart is full of happy things Well open again the doors of our spirits.. to the extremity.. We enter inside it .. with an endless longing .. Sky is dressed with different colors.. Turning on and off.. for You and me.. just one word of love.. can change many things inside our souls .. Inside of the lifes heart theres a magic lamp Inside of it, theres also some tiny dreams..

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