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Download Song Ameen Yarrab (Ramadan Song) From Album Collection By Tamer Hosny

Lyrics of song Ameen Yarrab (Ramadan Song) From Tamer Hosny
Arabic Font يارب في شهرك الكريم احفظ بلادي خليها اجمل بلاد الكون يارب انصرها عليها يارب في شهرك الفضيل نجي الاراضى العربيه محتاجين فرحه قويه على كل ارض بتحميها اكرم اهلها ارزق شعبها دا مفيش زيها يارب احميها اشفى كل مريض فيها رجع كل غايب ليها نور طريق ولادها اللى بقلوبهم هيحافظوا عليها استر بناتها ليوم الدين فرح قلب كل حزين ماتسيبناش متبعدناش يا رب نكون من المقبولين English Translation O god in your generous month To protect my country.. let it be.. The most beautiful country in the world, O god Let it be victorious O god, in your virtuous month Save all the Arab lands For they are in need of happiness On all the lands that which you protect Be generous to her people Sustain her people There is nothing like her Oh God, protect her Heal all its sick people in her Return all the absents/travelers to her Brighten her childrens ways Who will protect her from within their hearts Cover her daughters until the day of judgement Give joy to the heart of every sad person Don�t leave us.. don�t take us apart We pray to God to be from those who are accepted by him

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