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Lyricist : Nader Abdallah

Composer : Tamer Ali

Arranger : Tamim

Download Song Awakher El Shity From Album Ayami Beek By Elissa

Lyrics of song Awakher El Shity From Elissa
English Font Kona f Awa5er elshieta abl ele fat Zay elyomen dol 3eshn ama3a ba3d 7kayat 2na kont lama a7eb atwanes ma3ah 2na kont ba5od ba3de w aro7lo mn sokat W elnas f 3ez f elbard yegro w yest5abo W 2na kont bagre w a5abe nafse awam f 2albo W l7ad lama elleil yelael bab2a gambo W afdal f 3ez elbard waya b elsa3at 3la sahoa leh eldonia ba3d ma3shemtna w 3aeshetna shoya reg3t maotetna w eldonia mn yomeha ya 2alby 3awdetna lama btede 7agat awam ta5od 7agat West elshware3 nas ktera mrw7een w elnas ya 2alby homa homa w hoa fen w 2na mashya batlafet w bas2al kol yom be3ml eh delwa2ty w be7lm b meen
Arabic Font كنا فى اواخر الشتا قبل اللى فات زى اليومين دول عشنا مع بعض حكايات انا كنت لما احب اتونس معاه انا كنت باخد بعضى واروحله من سكات والناس فى عز البرد يجرو يستخبو وانا كنت بجرى واخبى نفسى قوام فى قلبو ولحد لما الليل يليل ببقى جمبو وافضل فى عز البرد وياااه بالساعات على سهوه ليه الدنيا بعد معشمتنا وعيشتنا شويه رجعت موتتنا والدنيا من يوميها ياقلبى عودتنا لما بتدى حاجات قوام تاخد حاجات وسط الشوارع ناس كتير مروحين والناس ياقلبى هما هما وهو فين وانا ماشيه بتلفت وبسأل كل يوم بيعمل ايه دلوقتى وبيحلم بمين English Translation It was the end of the winter before last during those two days. we had moments together when i used to like spending pleasant time with you. i was filled with serenity i would take parts of my being. and go to him in silence the people ran and hid from the cold ... i ran and hid in the warmth of his heart i remained by his side until night fell ... in the cold. with him for hours so why would life separate us withot a warning ... allowing us to live a little. only to break us apart again that day the world thought me ... that when it gives something it takes something else away in the streets. everybody is heading somewhere people are going about their business. by where is he? i walk and look around and ask myself every day what is he doing now? and who is he dreaming of

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