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Lyricist : Amir Te3eima

Composer : Tamer Ali

Arranger : Dani Helo

Download Song Mesh Ktir 3alayk From Album Ayami Beek By Elissa

Lyrics of song Mesh Ktir 3alayk From Elissa
Arabic Font مش كتير عليك لو اهيش سنيني حبيبي ليك ده انا حلم عمري لقيته فيك وهلاقي فين زيك حبيب لو هعيش سنين وياك حبيبي دول يومين ده انا قلبي قبلك كان حزين وهعيش لمين لو يوم تغيب صعب اقول علي اي حاجه بحسها .. مش معقول اوصف مشاعري دي كلها صعب قول.. ع اللي انا فيه قلبي حس بيك اول ما جت عيني ف عنيك سلمت قلبي ورحي ليك ونسيت حبيبي انا كنت مين عمري عشته ليه قبل اما اشوفك كنت ايه حبك نداني جريت عليه ولقيت معاه حلم السنين English Font Mosh kter 3alek law a3esh seney 7abeby lek da 2na 7lm 3omry la2eto fek w hala2e fen zayak 7abeb law ha3esh sneen wayak 7abeby dol yomeen da ana alby ablak kan 7azeen w ha3esh lmen law yom t3eb Sa3b a2ol 3la ay 7aga ba7saha msh ma3aol awsef masha3re de kolha sa3b a2ol 3la ely 2na feh Alby 7as bek awl magat 3eny f 3nek salmt alby w ro7y lek w nset 7abeby ana kont men 3omry 3eshto leh abl ema ashofak kont eh 7obak nadane gret 3aleh w la2et ma3ak 7elm elsneen
English Translation If would not be much for you if i could dedicate my years. my love. to you i have found my lifes dream in you where would i find a lover like you? if i were to spend years with you. my darling. they would feel like days for my heart was sad before you came who would i live for. if you were to go away? its hard for me ... to say everything i feel ... its impossible to describe all my emotions its difficult to explain ... what im going through i felt in my heart the very moment our eyes met i susrrendered my heart and soul to you and lost myself in you. my love what was i living for? what was i before i first saw you? your love called to me and i answered and found my lifes dream in you

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