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Lyrics of song La Teqareny From Hussein El Jasmy
Arabic Font لا تقارني بغيري تربط الناس بمصيــري انـــت اكثر شخص يفهم اني مــآني مثل غيري اسأل عيونك حبيبي وين تلقى مثل طيبي ولا مثل احســآس قلبي يوم انــآدي يـآ حبيبي لا انــا عندي قلب وآحد لو نويت اعشق يعاند يعني راسه يـآ حبيبي مــآ يجيبه أــي وآحد قلب حبيته وحبك عذبه بــآلصد قلبك قد مــا بيدك جرحتــه مــآ سألتـه لبش حبــك !! لا كــآن قلبك حب ثـــآني بكره تدور حنــآني مــآ يعوضك يغيابي يــآ حبيبي شخص ثــآن English Translation Don�t compare me with anyone else And like the fate of others with my own You are the person that understands the most that I am not like anyone else Ask your eyes, my beloved Where you will find goodness like mine. Or feelings like those of my heart. When I call out to you my love No, I have one heart. If I intended to fall in love, it acts stubborn I mean its head, O my beloved, Is not satisfied by just anyone A heart that you loved, and it loved you Your heart tortured it by holding back As much as you hurt it with your own hands You never asked it why it loved you If your heart loved another Tomorrow, you will search for my tenderness. In my absence.. you will not be compensated� (you will not be compensated) by anyone else my love

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