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All Songs From Album Banadeek Ta3ala From Amr Diab
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Lyricist : Magdy El Naggar

Composer : Amr Diab

Arranger : Adel Hakki

Download Song Heya Hayati From Album Banadeek Ta3ala By Amr Diab

Lyrics of song Heya Hayati From Amr Diab
Arabic Font هي .. هي حياتي وروحي هي اجمل حاجه في عمري ديما هي هي .. هي اكيد مش واحده عاديه وانا حبتها بقلبي وكل ما فيا الاحساس اجمل احساس بنسبالي اغز الناس وانا وياها عرفت اعيش ومن دلوقتي بقولها خلاص انا مقدرش اعيش من غيرها انا حبت مبحبش غيرها جنتي هي مش مع غيرها من دلوقتي بقولها خلاص هي .. اللي بتملي الدنيا عليا واللي بتفضل جنبي علي طول هي هي هي هي هي اجمل حلم بريئ في عنيه زي الموج عيونه والله شقيه English Translation She is ... she is my life and my soul... she is The most beautiful thing in my life is always her She is ... of course she is not a normal one And I loved her with my heart and all what I have The feeling ... the most beautiful feeling ... for me, the most precious one among people When I�m with her I knew how to live, and from now on I�m saying it that�s it I can�t live without her, I loved and I don�t love anyone but her My heaven is her, not without her ... from now on I�m saying it, that�s it She .. fills the life for me And the one who stays always beside me .. she is She is she is she is she is ... the most beautiful innocent dream in my eyes Just like the wave ... I swear her eyes are naughty

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