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Lyricist : Tamer Hussien

Composer : Amr Tantawy

Arranger : Adel Hakki

Download Song Ma2darsh Ana From Album Banadeek Ta3ala By Amr Diab

Lyrics of song Ma2darsh Ana From Amr Diab
Arabic Font مقدرش انا علي اللي عيني شايفاه و مجاش في بالي الرقه دي اه يا سحر عينيه حاجه فوق خيالي داللي حلمت يون عشاني .. مش عايز حد تاني اتعلقت في ثواني دي حبيبي ياما صدفني قلوب كتيره ولا جرب قلبي حيره سلمت في يوم و ليله لحبيبي اعمل فيه ايه غيرتي خوفي عليه دايما يزيدوو امال بقي لو صارحت عينيه و لمست ايده مظرح ما أروح خياله ييجي و يروح قدام عيوني جربت انا لهفه العشاق عنها أسألوني English Translation I can�t take what my eye is seeing, and it never came on my mind This softness ! oh the magic of his eyes, is something beyond my imaginary This is the one I dreamed that he will be mine ... I don�t want any one else I�ve got involved in seconds Oh baby, I�ve always faced lots of hearts, but my heart was never confused I surrendered to my beloved in matter of one night What shall I do to him ? my jealousy and worrying about him ... They are always increasing Oh what if I confessed to his eyes and touched his hand ! Wherever I go his shadow comes and goes in front of my eyes I tried the longing of lovers, ask me about it !

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