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Lyricist : Amir Ta3eima

Composer : Ahmed Salah Hosny - Amr Diab

Arranger : Adel Hakki

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Lyrics of song Ma3ak Bartah From Amr Diab
Arabic Font انا معاك برتاح بنسي كل اللي عدي وراح والقي جنبك حياتي براح والقي روحي هنا انا معاك برتاح ياللي خلتني احب واعيش دنيا اجمل منها مفيش غير حبيبي انا انا معاك برتاح وخدت بالك اكيد لو عني تبقي بعيد انا مبقاش انا هو في احساس بين حبايب كده لو عيني مغمضه والله شايفك انا English Translation I feel good with you ... I forget everything that have gone and passed and I find my life beside you like heaven, and I find my soul here I feel good with you ... you who made me love and live ... a life that there�s nothing more beautiful than it, unless my love I feel good with you ... and for sure you�ve noticed... That if you�re away from me, I wont be me is there a feeling between lovers like this one ? Even if my eye is closed I swear I�m seeing you

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