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Lyricist : Magdy El Naggar

Composer : Amr Diab

Arranger : Adel Hakki

Download Song Tagroba W 3addet From Album Banadeek Ta3ala By Amr Diab

Lyrics of song Tagroba W 3addet From Amr Diab
Arabic Font تجربه وعدت واتعدت من ضمن تجاربي ورجوعه مبقاش بالساهل تجربه وعدت وانا قولت وبتكلم عربي بالعربي محدش يستاهل مندمتش ابدا ولا هندم علي حد خدعني مهو لازم عشان اتعلم كان هي تبعني مش هفضل عايش بتألم علي جرحي يعدي مانا لازم اخطي واتقدم ومقفش لوحدي English Translation An experience that have passed, and was counted as one of my experiences And get it back is not easy anymore An experience that have passed, I said it and I�m speaking Arabic In Arabic, no one worth it I�ve never regretted, and I will never regret on someone who have betrayed me In order to learn, she should have been sold me I wont keep living in pain for my wound, I will let it pass I must step forward and move on and don�t stand by myself

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