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Lyricist : Tamer Hussien

Composer : Amr Diab

Arranger : Adel Hakki

Download Song Youm Mat2abelna From Album Banadeek Ta3ala By Amr Diab

Lyrics of song Youm Mat2abelna From Amr Diab
Arabic Font يوم ما اتقابلنا اليوم ده هفضل مش ناسيه انا انكتبلي احلى قصة حب فيه اول مشاعر حلوة قلبي يحسها ولهفتي لمعاد اقابلك بعدها انا بوعدك من الليلة دي هفضل معاك وهعمل اللى يريحك وهخاف عليك انا بوعدك يا حبيبي يا اجمل ملاك لو عزت نجمة من السما هجيبها ليك كلمة بحبك اللى في عنيك قولتها وفرحة اللى استني يسمع ردها انا حتى فاكر اتقابلنا ازاي وفين واول كلمة بنا وسلامي لايديك English Translation The day we met ! a day that I will never forget The most beautiful love story was written for me that day The first beautiful feelings that my heart felt And my eagerness for a new meeting after that I promise you, from this night on I will stay with you And I will do what makes you feel good and I will worry about you I promise you my love ! my most beautiful angel If you wanted a star in the sky I will bring it to you The word "I love you" that you said it with your eyes And the pleasure of who was waiting to hear it I actually remember how we met and where And our first word, and me shaking your hand

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