Lyricist : Ahmed Ali Mousa

Composer : Ramy Sabry

Arranger : Fahd

Download Song Mesh Faker Leek | ft Asala From Album Collection By Ramy Sabry

Lyrics of song Mesh Faker Leek | ft Asala From Ramy Sabry
Arabic Font

مش فاكر ليك ولا حاجة تحنن قلبي عليك
مش فاكر ليك غير انك بعتني يوم بايديك
جرحك وعذابك ليا وبعدك عني زمان
كل ده بياثر فيا وبيقسيني كمان

مش فاكر مهما تقولها حتفضل ما بتنساش
لو ضاعت فترة في عمرك لسه الاحلي ما جاش
دور من تاني اكيد حتلاقي في ناس حواليك
في منهم واحد كان بيدور ياما عليك

English Translation

I don´t remember you, nothing can soften my heart towards you
I don´t remember you except that you sent me a day with your hands
Your wounds and torment for me and your absence from me for a long time
All this affects me and gives me a hard, too

I don´t remember no matter you say her it will not be forgotten
if you lost a moment in your life, still the most beautiful didn´t come
Look for it again for sure u will find, there are people around you
There is one of them and were looking how much for you

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