Nogomi Chat

Welcome to Nogomi Chat. Please review the following chat guidelines for your own convenience. Any disregard to those guidelines will lead to immediate kick or ban.

1. Do NOT post phone numbers or private information. Posting phone numbers, home addresses, work addresses, email addresses, or any other personal information is strictly not allowed.
2. Respect everyone in the chat, and in case you don't want to talk to somebody you can always block them. There is the ignore option for you to use when you receive undesired or inappropriate messages from any user.
3. Don't flood the whole screen with your messages.
4. Come to our chat rooms for having fun, Don't try to advertise anything (not even in private messages to our chat room visitors). By "anything" we mean anything -- web sites, chat rooms, groups, etc. You will be kicked (Banned) immediately for that without any warning.
5. Registering more than 1 account on Nogomi is not allowed.
6. Don't waste your time about ask us if you can be a moderator. When new moderators are needed, it will be publicly announced.
7. Don't speak English in the Arabic Room, There is a Room called Mix where you can speak English/Arabic.
8. Be friendly with new members. Say "Hi" and welcome them to the chat.
9. Racial, sexual, religious and political discussions are totally forbidden, as well as insults and using bad language.
10. Respect our moderators and remember that they are always online only to keep the chat a peaceful place for everyone and make sure our guidelines are applied.

If you feel that you were banned by mistake by our moderators, write to [email protected]
Breaking one of these rules may lead to being kicked out of the room. Repeatedly breaking a rule will lead to being banned, either temporarily or permanently.
Have fun and enjoy chatting here.